Danab forces capture Al Shabaab bomb expert in Lower Jubba


Thursday September 8, 2022

Somali special forces carried out an operation in Lower Jubba and have reportedly arrested an Al-Shabaab leader responsible for creating IEDs.

Danab Forces captured Hassan Abdullahi Abshir, whose nom de guerre is Abu Faruq, an explosives expert while carrying out security sweeps in the  Yaaq Bishar, Bulahaji, Kanjaroon and Warta Bilow areas of Lower Jubba.

Two Al Shabaab insurgents were killed during the operation.

Arab Dheeg, one of the commanders of the operation, said that two fighters were killed during the operation and explosives were seized.

Danab forces said they removed Al Shabaab’s land mines already placed on nearby roads.

IEDs have become a hallmark of Al Shabaab guerilla warfare against Somalia’s internationally-backed government.

Last week, IED attacks by Al Shabaab in Hiiraan and Lower Shabelle killed at least 30 people in two separate attacks.



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